Australian Culinary Journey: Exploring Sydney’s Lunar New Year Yum Cha

Australia’s morning tea culture has gradually emerged in recent years, attracting more and more people to taste its unique flavor and experience. Australian morning tea is usually known for its fresh ingredients, diverse flavors and relaxed dining atmosphere. As one of the most diverse and international cities in Australia, Sydney has a large Chinese community and groups with a strong interest in Asian culture. The morning tea culture is even more worth trying.
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Every morning tea in Sydney has its own unique flavor, which makes me can’t help but compare it with the morning tea in my hometown, Guangzhou, which is known as the “City of Food”. Since Australia is rich in marine resources, seafood snacks are very popular in Australian morning tea. Shrimp dumplings, steamed shrimps, steamed scallops and other seafood snacks are often one of the signature dishes of Australian morning tea. These dim sum are delicious in taste and made with fresh ingredients. They are better than those produced in ordinary teahouses in Guangzhou. They are really tender and juicy and unforgettable. Relatively speaking, Guangzhou’s morning tea is famous for its richer varieties and exquisite production techniques. There are a variety of dim sum choices, including traditional siomai, barbecued pork buns, shrimp dumplings, egg tarts, etc., as well as creative dim sum such as Pineapple buns, quicksand buns, etc., every dim sum is carefully made with delicious taste and delicate texture. Both have their own charm.
Kingsford Junior RSL’s morning tea location is conveniently located next to my alma mater, UNSW. Here you can enjoy morning tea and enjoy the beautiful view on the fifth floor, while chatting and dining. On the eve of the Spring Festival, we also shared the New Year’s Eve dinner here with our Australian friends, which added a bit of festive warmth.
This is the New Year’s Eve dinner
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Panda Yumcha, located across the shopping center from Macquarie MRT station, is famous for its steamed seafood abalone scallops that take a long time but are worth the wait. Their other dim sum is also delicious and all freshly made. The decoration style and comfortable layout also add a lot to the restaurant.
During my morning tea trip in Sydney, due to the rich food, I brought a tea brew that can reduce cellulite. This tea is very delicious. It made me realize the fun of brewing my own tea. We also specially prepared many tea gifts for our friends in Australia. Their love and appreciation made us feel warm. In a foreign country, enjoying morning tea with your family and tasting a pot of good tea has undoubtedly become a precious memory for us.

At Hurstville RSL, they are famous for their beef rice rolls. Beef is a part of the cow that is famous for its tender texture. Made with their own ground rice milk and selected fresh beef, the rice rolls are very delicious. You can’t find rice rolls with this combination in Guangzhou yet, hahaha. During the Chinese New Year, we also unexpectedly received a box of delicious carrot cakes from the restaurant. It was a New Year gift from the staff, which made our morning tea experience even more joyful.

The picture below shows the fresh shrimp dumplings made in-house at Campise Morning Tea Restaurant. There is currently no restaurant on the same level as this one in Guangzhou, and the freshness of the ingredients cannot be compared. We absorb energy from food, and the mouth is the entrance to our energy. To become a high-energy person, having fresh food requirements is the most basic thing.

shrimp dumplings

Nice meal
Happy time always passes quickly. Although morning tea in Sydney is different from that in Guangzhou, the fresh ingredients and unique snacks are endless. As an authentic Guangzhou native, every morning tea experience I have in Sydney makes me feel the food culture that is both familiar and novel. It has the warmth of my hometown and the freshness of a foreign country. It is highly recommended.


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