🚫 prohibited words in the name [Guang光, Hui辉, Yao耀]

[Guang光] is a knife on top of the son, severely restricting the son’s health, marriage, family, career and wealth.


[Hui辉] left below the word is a child, son of a knife above, the right side is a military word, military with the root of the word car, the name can not have the word car, prone to car accidents and all kinds of disasters, serious restraint son health, marriage, family, career, wealth, serious grams did not;


If the name of the two with the word “Guang光” in the name of the two with the word “Guang光”, the negative energy magnetic field is easy to double.


Everything has an energy magnetic field, the name of the Chinese characters in the science of names, on behalf of the laws of universal existence, there is also a positive and negative energy field, the same screen name, micro letter name can not be used indiscriminately Chinese characters.


The above only comments on the magnetic field of Chinese characters in names, not anyone else.

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