🌾 Lesser Fullness: Wish you peace and health! 🌾

Hello, dear friends! I’m your Life Experience Officer, XinYan, and today I’m going to talk to you about a very philosophical one of our traditional Chinese festivals – Lesser Fullness.

Not reaching fullness, we’ll feel regretful. But when we gain fullness, we are bound to lose something.


🌿 Lesser Fullness, one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, begins between May 20-22 every year when the sun reaches 60° of the yellow meridian. As the second solar term of summer, Lesser Fullness marks the true arrival of summer, and also signifies that crops begin to fill up gradually, and life, like the rice in this field, slowly fills up.


How much do you know about Lesser Fullness?


Lesser Fullness, as the name suggests, means “small full”. In the “moon order seventy-two wait set explanation” in the record: “April in the middle, the small full, things to this small get full.” At this time, the northern barley, winter wheat and other summer crops, the seeds began to grout full, but not yet ripe, so it is called “small full”.


Three views of Lesser Fullness.


First, the bitter vegetable show


The bitter vegetable is dandelion.

Yellow flowers fall, white flakes fly.

It is the most resilient and easy-going.

This is the wonderful scenery of Lesser Fullness.


The Second, grass is a yin-sensitive plant.

At the time of the Lesser Fullness, summer is beginning to set in everywhere.

Yang energy is increasing.

Therefore, the grass will die as it loses the protection of yin.


Third, arrival of wheat in the fall


Although Lesser Fullness is in summer.

But for the wheat.

But for the wheat, it is like the ripening of the “autumn”.

Therefore, there is the saying “wheat autumn”.

Lesser Fullness Customs

Sacrifice to the God of Cars: During Lesser Fullness, many places have the custom of sacrificing to the God of Cars. People hope that the car god can bless their transportation safe and smooth travel.


Pray for silkworm festival: Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, Lesser Fullness or pray for silkworm festival. Silkworms are the raw material for silk, ancient people prayed to the God of Silkworms to bless the cocoon harvest, silk industry prosperity.


Eat bitter vegetables: bitter vegetables is a small full of the season’s characteristic ingredients, people believe that eating bitter vegetables can clear heat and detoxification, prevention of disease.


Lesser Fullness health: follow nature, harmonize the body and mind


As the weather gets hotter during Lesser Fullness, we should pay attention to preventing heatstroke and lowering the temperature, and at the same time, we should keep our body and mind calm. Diet, you can eat more light food, such as green beans, winter melon, etc., to help quench the thirst. In addition, Lesser Fullness is also a good time to nourish the mind, we can relax through meditation, yoga and other ways to maintain inner peace.


Life is like a poem, full of happiness


Lesser Fullness is not only a festival, but also a philosophy of life. It tells us that there is so much beauty and happiness in life that we need to experience and feel with our hearts. Let’s slow down, feel the beauty of life, and fill up our hearts in this season of Lesser Fullness. 🌼


Last but not least, I wish you all a happy little fullness and a happy life! 🍀


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