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The ancient sage Confucius said, “A good name is a good life”.
It’s a pity that the world knows so little about it, and there are so many people who use the wrong word.
Spring, summer, fall and winter in the use of the name, the blessing is difficult to long and sad
The color of the sun will not last long. Marriage and health problems are many.
Plum orchids and chrysanthemums are loved, but happiness is too short-lived.
Lotus in the name is bitter in the heart, but it’s hard to tell.
Shuk in her name, her family has three boys, they’re a pain in the ass.
Swallows in her name are in trouble, she’ll never be happy.
A man in her name is on the wrong side of the fence. She’s lonely and miserable.
A woman with a man’s name will take away her husband’s power.
A woman with the character “phoenix” will have to work hard and her husband won’t recognize her children.
Be careful with a knife in your name, you won’t hurt yourself or others.
If you use the character “Sammu Sen” in your name, your liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach will not be in harmony.
The character “San Jin Xin” in the name means weak immune system.
The life of Ox, Goat, Dragon and Dog is full of difficulties.
If your name is not correct, your business will not be prosperous.
If you don’t believe me, how many regrets are in the name?
It’s better to give a good name to your son than to pass on a thousand dollars to your children.

Check whether our name helps us or hinders our fortune?

If the name is not correct, then the words will not come out.
If the words are not correct, the work will not be accomplished.
If things don’t work out, business doesn’t prosper.
If the business is not prosperous, the family will not be in harmony.

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