☯️Staircase Feng Shui Taboo

1 Staircase in the center of the house, the house heart of the gas is destroyed by the field, resulting in all kinds of conflicts between the wife and husband, the husband feeling wife


2 The center of a house is the pulse of the entire house, and it is the eye of the water in the wind. It is the eye of feng shui. It is taboo to have staircases or kitchens in the center of the house.


3 Stairs to the kitchen, the air flow straight kitchen into the room, with a brake to the gas, resulting in the home of the female sex The woman in the house will easily get sick. To the toilet is not a family member’s health.


4 Stairway to the main door for the retreat of the house, the gas straight door rushed out, no gathering of gas gathering wealth, easy to break the leakage of wealth The actual fact is that the actual actual actuality is not a lot more than the actual actuality.


㊙️ staircase itself is not lucky, the location is very important towards the, auspicious position is good potential luck, bad position luck is poor potential. Feng Shui is not right, efforts in vain!

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