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🚪Buying a home is an important thing in your life, and today I’d like to share with you some things to keep in mind when buying a residential building.


Don’t buy the one that is directly facing the street alley or road. (Directly facing is an arrow, the main injury).

Do not buy a tall building not far to the south. (Blocking yang energy, yin over yang decline).

Don’t buy if there are temples, columbariums, cemeteries, monasteries, or ancient tombs nearby. (Yin energy is too strong)

Don’t buy a “U” building. (U-shaped buildings are shaped like the word “death”, often resulting in fatal cases)


Don’t buy a building with two rows of east-west buildings connected horizontally and the connection point is not in the same straight line and the part of the unit that is in the wrong direction should not be bought.

Don’t buy the building in the shape of “mouth”. (People in the well, can not get rich and famous)

Do not buy the “T” shaped building. (Can not hide the wind and gather air, the main poor)

Don’t buy a building in the shape of “work”. (This kind of building is difficult to produce wealth, the main poor)


Open space in front of the building is narrow as a line do not buy. (Like a line, wealth does not enter the door)

Do not buy a narrow living room. (Narrow living room does not gather wealth)

Do not buy a house with a small entrance. (Room adults called house less people, also known as “virtual”, living for a long time is not auspicious)


Do not buy a house that lacks a southwest corner or northwest corner. (It is not good for your family)

Don’t buy a house with a toilet in the east. (It will affect your son’s physical and mental health and future)

Don’t buy if the northwest corner is used as a toilet or stove. (It is bad for your family)

Don’t buy an east flat if the owner is a rabbit. (The door of the east house faces west, which is in conflict with the rabbit.)

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